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Milk production performance of dairy milch animals depends upon animal health management practices viz, balanced diet, breeding, good housing, proper health care & management etc. PCDF provides T.I.P. programme facilities to 13369 village level cooperative societies of 75 districts through 59 Dugdha utpadak sahakari sangh limited in the state. Some of the major TIP programmes are as fallows:
  • Deworming Programme:
    The Endoparasite, which grooms in stomach & intestine of milch animals causes anemia, gastroenteritis, which results reduction in milk yield, loss of appetite, emaciation & heavy infection and even may cause death. For prevention 481567 doses of dewormer distributed in the year 2011-12.
  • Tick Control:
    The Ectoparasile which is very common in dairy animals in which ticks stick on the animals skins & sucks blood. It may causes anemia, reduction in milk yield & heavy infection may cause tick fever, tick paralysis & death of animal. For prevention 89913 doses of tick control kit distributed in the year 2011-12.
  • Mastitis Control:
    Majority of animal suffering from sub clinical mastitis in which mammary glands of animals get infected and udder get inflamed causes poor quality and reduction in milk yield. As this disease is very prevalent due to filthy animal living place, causes heavy national loss in terms of milk production. For prevention 79108 doses of mastitis control kit distributed in the year 2011-12.
  • Vaccination Programme:
    Some diseases are infectious and may cause death of the animals. The timely vaccination of milch animal may save its life. The A.H. department covers the vaccination programme all over the state & dugdha sangh also contributes with its own meagre resources.
  • Artificial Insemination:
    A.I. is the only tool for improvement of animals breeds and hence increase in milk production. PCDF have one semen production station at dalpathpur Moradabad. 838 artificial insemination centres are working in 59 dugdha sangh and 274367 dairy animals are inseminated in year 2011-12.
  • Infertility Camp:
    Huge population of dairy animals fail to exhibit estrus, ovarian inactivity and causes anoestrus. For removal of this problem 70 camps were orginised by district level Dugdha utpadak sahakari sangh. In village level societies in the year 2011-12.
  • Green Fodder Seed & Minikit:
    Green fodder is succulent, palatable, & easily digestible which dairy animals eat with interest. Leguminous green fodder crop also increases soil fertility. 1063.5 metric tons of green fodder seeds and 26335 nos. of minikit distributed among milk producers in the year 2011-12.
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