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Regarding Various DUSS Audit Classifications
DUSS Audit Classification merged with DUSS
Posted on : 27/02/2016 Download
Meeting Of Unit In-charges of Cluster Milk Unions on 28-02-2016 at 10.30AM at PCDF Meering Hall
Meeting chaired by MD PCDF Ltd. is to be held on 28-02-2016 at 10.30AM. The scan copy of letter no 428 dated 28-02-2016 is being enclosed. Pl attend with complete details
Posted on : 27/02/2016 Download
Metting on 28-02-2016 at 10:30 AM at PCDF Meeting Hall
All Unit Incharges are instructed to attend meeting to be held on 28th Feb.2016 at 10:30 AM at PCDF Meeting Hall. Please come with the following details: 1. Requirement of outsourcing staff in different cadre. 2. Pending U.C. regarding District Plan 2015-16. 3. Physical & Financial Progress Report upto Jan.2016. 4. Number of installed functional DPMCU & BMCs. 5. Compliance of protocol regarding transit losses at different levels. 6. Details of Escrow A/c-Bank details. 7. Status of Employees-wise information on desired format upto 31-01-2016. 8. Status of Milk Price Payment to societies and milk unions on desired format upto 31-01-2016. 9. Others if any.
Posted on : 26/02/2016
Reminder for various information for Finance H.O.
Kindly download the letter and do accordingly
Posted on : 20/02/2016 Download
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